October 21, 2021

Panthers coach Matt Rhule says he’s considered Jon Gruden a mentor

One of the most interesting matchups on Sunday will come between Panthers coach Matt Rhule and Raiders coach Jon Gruden.

While a younger generation of football fans may mostly know Gruden from his time commenting on Monday Night Football, Gruden has won at the highest level of this sport, leading the Buccaneers to their only Super Bowl victory in franchise history back in 2002. In addition to the ring, he’s coached in over 200 games (111-106 record) in the NFL. Even though he’s only 12 years older than Rhule, it feels like Gruden has decades’ worth of experience on him.

Rhule seems to have the highest respect for Gruden. Speaking with the media today, Rhule said he’s considered him a mentor from afar and when he was at Temple Gruden gave him a lot of advice.

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